Friday, 12 November 2010

Process Painting in Pictures

So in art, my teacher showed us a powerpoint about how to paint in steps.
What I loved the most was when she flicked through the slides really fast, you could see how the person documented the process in pictures.

I painted my madre's face on A2 paper and I also documented in pictures.
(Except I didn't document so well...)

et voilà:

What I love most about mum's face is her nose and her cheeks; they capture so much light and she has a lot of characteristic lines on her face, each I think tell a story of her life.

^ The lip is bust up, so that's the very last thing I've still got left, but here's pretty much the final look.

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  1. Inspiring! The stories lines of the face. Beautiful work. Thank you for sharing your HeArt with us!!!